Makeup JUNKIE! My Favorite Makeup For Less Than $11.00!


I am a makeup junkie! I love makeup! I do not care if it is cheap or expensive. I get many questions about what makeup I wear. I have drawers and drawers full of makeup, but these are my favorites that are less than $11.00! All of these can be purchased at your local grocery store, but the shoppable Amazon links below are the best prices that I have found! 

Tip - I always wear a foundation with sunscreen.

Makeup Sponge – BEAKEY 5 Makeup Sponges $8.99 

Tip - I use these sponges to perfectly blend foundation and concealer!

Tip - I love this kit because it can be used for daytime or nighttime. Great deal!!
Tip - I like all the colors. Apply with a Q-Tip so if you do not like the color you can give to a friend to use. It does last ALL day! Amazon hands down has the best price.
Tip - I have been using this blush and color since high school. It is timeless and never goes out of style. 
Tip - My mom put this in my Christmas stocking this year and I love it!